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“Welcome to the end of the world,” said a woman as we stepped out of a Bolero jeep, the government escorts trying not to clatter their guns while hopping down from the back. Since leaving the little airport outside of Dimapur, the last four hours had been the most pulse-pounding drive of my life: a cliffside trek where roads lacked guardrails and drivers lacked propensity to slow down for the nauseatingly elevated hairpins turns. As we loaded out of the car, I didn’t think to ask the woman why she called this the “end of the world”. There was a feeling I had —somewhere deep inside me like a cavern that had never been lit up— that told me there was nothing beyond this. That this was “it”. There was no going back and no going forward. We had arrived at the end.
In the Autumn of 2013, I was one of three filmmakers recruited to explore the work of a team helping children in some of the most ignored area of the globe. Myself and cinematographer Chad Terpstra ventured out into the Indian state of “Nagaland,” one of the most remote regions of the eastern Himalayas to learn about it’s habitants, the health conditions of the children, and a group called “Vitamin Angels”.
This is what happened.
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Shot on a 5D Mk III (Magic Lantern)
Directed by Caleb Slain
Shot and Colored by Chad Terpstra
Edited by Scott McCambridge and Caleb Slain
Produced by Caleb Slain
Executive Producers – Jesse Harris and Stefanie Malone
Supervising Producer – Todd Kaumans
Original Music by Wlad Marhulets
Sound Mix/Mastering by Adam Burd
A NFFTY Production
Supported by Vitamin Water®

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